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Weed Control

The easiest way to maintain a healthy, green, and thriving lawn is to make sure you are practicing proper fertilization and weed control procedures. At Total Lawn Care, we provide both businesses and households around New Haven County,  with the means to improve their home's curb appeal by simply opting into our fertilization and weed control program.

We are experts in determining and applying the best methods for correcting the specific issues that are present in your landscape, effectively ridding your lawn of unwanted weeds with treatments of herbicide and strengthening your lawn through a regimented fertilization schedule. Let us handle the "dirty work" so you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful and well-nourished, weed-free lawn.

Want a weed free lush green lawn this season? Give us a call to see how we can help you.

Call us at 203-903-1650

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